AXIS  V8 Flathead

  • Bore:  1.000"

  • Stroke:  1.000"

  • Displacement: 111CC

  • AXIS engineered digital Hall Effect spark ignition with rev limiter

  • Water cooled

  • High pressure oil fed lubrication

  • Flat plane crankshaft design

  • Precision CNC machined

  • Runs on gasoline

  • Ready to run

Our first engine available for sale is the Axis V8 Flathead.  The initial production run is schedule for April 2018.  We encourage customization, and we will work with you to make your vision a reality.  In short time, alternate intakes and carbs will be offered for sale, along with your choice of display or running bases and finishes.  Bead blasting, custom color painted components, polished heads, cutaway heads, travel cases, and various exhaust styles are all options we plan to support.  All engines will be serialized and ready to run when received.

The prototype pictured is shown with off the shelf carbs and distributor cap.  Our first run will include custom carburetors modeled after the iconic Edelbrock 94 two barrel carbs.  The distributor cap will emulate the “crab cap” seen on many hot rod flathead builds.  We are rapidly transitioning from prototype to production mentality, and updates will be published on our site and through social media regularly.  Please check back for status updates.

Future engine models are already in the works, with our sights set on a horizontally opposed flat six,and also an homage to the legendary V8 427 Cobra replica.