I started building models with my Dad at the early age of five years old.  Machines were a big part of my early life, watching and following my father as he worked as a gunsmith in his shop.  By the age of 12, I was already proficient running the lathe and operating the milling machine.  My father was a toolmaker by trade, and he instilled his passion of working with his hands through my formative years. 


I worked my entire career as a design engineer, but always seemed to gravitate towards working in the machine shop.  It is where I truly feel at peace.  Over the years I have built, modified, and restored more motorcycles than I have fingers to count on.  Engine building has always been a driving passion for me.  In the early 90’s I built my first model engine from scratch, and I never looked back.  With increased confidence and experience, I progressed unto more and more challenging engines, many of which have traveled the country and won numerous awards.


In early 2016, I bought the very last Coles Challenger V8 casting kit available for sale.  I methodically progressed thru the build process, fixing drawing errors and modeling the design in CAD as I went.  After a year of building and testing, it was finally complete.  Along the way, I added my own touches to the modified design.  Completing this wonderful V8 is what really started the idea to build a company around precision built, custom model engines.  Dave and I discussed a business plan, and we were on our way.  Just days later, Axis Engines was born!